How to Create an Adwords Account

What is Adwords? It is Google’s advertising system that bid on the certain keywords in order to appear in Google search. The advertisers will pay for these clicks, so that’s why Google makes money only from search. There will be the important thing like quality score and cost-per-click that you should get.


Depending on the competitiveness of the keywords, the AdWords may not for work well for your business. But don’t worry, because, for the most part, it is extremely effective for many kinds of businesses as long as the keywords are not wrong, write weak or low CTR ads. The costs of AdWords can be affected by many factors, just learn it by reading the information about Google AdWords on the internet.


Then, how to advertise with Google AdWords? You can do it by opening a Google AdWords account. If you don’t know how you can check the information about how to create an AdWords account below.


How to Create an Adwords Account


Creating a Google AdWords account is so easy and not as difficult as you think. You just have to follow the steps and instruction. Firstly, you should visit the website AdWords for Google. Then Click on “Start Up” to continue the step. Secondly, you have to provide the suitable email address. You can use the existing email that you have, choose a password and click on create an account.


After that, you should select the currency on the following page. You can select it to depend on your countries, such as Indonesia Rupiah (Rp), Philippine Peso (Php), or other countries as you lived in. If you have done select the currency, it’s time for you to verify the email address. You can do it by clicking on the click and click on continue and enter the AdWords account.


There are two types of AdWords account that you can choose in how to create AdWords Account, such as Starter edition or standard edition. In starter edition, that will allow you to advertise a single product of your website in Google. This type of account is more efficient and easy to do for beginners or starters. You can advertise your product as interesting as you will. It can make the customer visit your site and also buy it. That’s so simple and gain more profit or sales, right?


The next types of AdWords account are a standard edition. It will allow you to advertise not only a single product but multiple products. You can create an advance campaign, make the product as creative as you can, and etc to interest the customers. The advanced users are more likely to choose this option and make your sales increased than before.


To create an Adwords account, you will have two payment options. The automatic payments allow you to pay after the accruing clicks, then the manual payments will prepay AdWords and charges will be deducted from the prepaid amount. You can choose to have the payments from either a credit card or a bank account, but make sure that Google verifies the bank account as soon as possible. If you want to get your ads up and running, you can choose credit card as the best option. Now, you can start building out your account, increasing the sales and also gaining more profit.


Then, the most important thing in how to create an AdWords account is you should have your own website. Why do you need a website when creating the AdWords account? That’s a simple question because AdWords is a platform for advertising the websites. If you don’t have any website, there’s no way for Google could advertise your website. So, make sure that you have a website before creating the AdWords account. If the Adsense can put other companies ads on your website, but the AdWords will promote and make your website popular on Google.


Advertising is very important for increasing the sales and also developing your website. The AdWords will be run effectively if you generate the best keyword list for your target market, such as the phrases with high hits and it’ll not cost you too much. Then, if you have already the keywords and phrases, you should create an advertisement that will interest customer to visit your website. Make a description with a title line of 25 characters and the URL is also limited to 35 characters.


The final step, you have to make the customer land on your website, which is you should link the customer to a page that contains the exact information, product or service that they were searching for before. It will be good for your website in increasing the sales.


That’s all the information about how to create an AdWords account. So, if you think that how to create an AdWords account is difficult, you’re totally wrong. Just follow the instruction and read more information about Google AdWords to help you. Do you wanna try it? Hope it will be useful and helpful for us.

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