How to Avoid Banned on Admob Account

Do you know how to avoid banned on AdMob account? Maybe you’ve worked hard on developing your game and also planning the ad strategy. It is only to have your mediation platform of choice ban or to reject your app. Although some platforms are secretive about how they make their ban or also suspension decisions, here some guidelines how to avoid banned on AdMob account.


How to avoid banned on admob account


Here some things you have to do how to avoid banned on AdMob account :

  1. Best Practices for Ads
  • You have to make sure that you only have those ad types that turned on which you are actually using in your app
  • Don’t call for clicks, it should be no specific CTA that will tell users to tap on or interact with any ads.
  • The banner should not be over commonly used button on the menu or pop up that appeared in every single tap, there will no Ads that should cover any interactive elements of the app. It should never cover the content of the app and preventing the user from viewing or navigating it.
  • It should be no ad that shown right upon launch of the app or no ads should be shown when you wake your smartphone from sleep mode to active mode from the background.
  • There should be only one banner on the screen at a time and also don’t make the layer multiple banners on top of the screen or one another.


  1. Optimization Strategy

Over the simply catching and also correcting violations, the team also work hard to optimize ad performance in the publishers’ apps. Here account managers that provide helpful tips and best practice how to avoid banned on AdMob account :


  • You can analyze whether new ad formats can be fit for your app, in addition to the ad types that you already use. It is also important for you to consider many kinds of ad exactly, such as the rewarded video ads that are seen to have a positive impact on retention.
  • If you know that the same ads are shown often than the other, just try to consider the setting price floors or frequency caps to mitigate the issue.
  • For some apps, the default of 15-seconds banner will refresh period. It may be too short, then in this cases will be helpful to your experiment with the length of the refresh period, monitoring the ARPDAU as the determining factor for being succeed.


Those are tips how to avoid banned on AdMob account that you have to know. If you follow the rules in this post, it will ensure that your app remains in good standing with all network and also will avoid banned on AdMob account, which it’s difficult to begin again. So, while the rules are in place for the good reason, it can sometimes be hard to identify and also follow them.

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