How to Create Business PayPal Account

Creating a business PayPal account will allow your business to take payment without pay for an expensive merchant account for each service and products that you sell. Customer personal PayPal account can take their online check payments, credit card, debit card payments and direct payments.


In Paypal business accounts there are also tools that will help you set up online buttons or electronic shopping carts, and you will get your fund available via transfer to your personal or main business account or via debit MasterCard.


How to Create Business PayPal Account


If you want to start your own business and want to use PayPal, here the ways how to create business PayPal account :

  1. The first thing how to create business PayPal accounts is you should visit their website on and then you just click “Sign Up”


  1. The next way how to create business PayPal accounts, you should enter the requested information. The process requests contain PayPal account owner’s name, email address, address, business customer service contact information and business address. If you have filled all requested information and then submit the form.


  1. After that check your email for new messages. You will find the verification email from email. You will receive the notification that arrives within minutes, and you should open your account.


  1. The next step how to create business PayPal accounts, you should log into your PayPal account and follow the remaining instructions that will take you to enter bank account information. You can choose whether it is a business or personal bank account. Then enter the name of your bank with an account that you have chosen number and routing number as instructed. After that PayPal will send you a verification request to your bank it usually takes several days for the process to complete.


  1. After completed your bank account transactions several days. You can finish setting up your account once you get two deposits from PayPal.


  1. The last step how to create a business PayPal account, log into your PayPal account and you should follow the instructions to finish your personal or business bank account information. Paypal will inform you that your new PayPal account is complete, and you will choose your business payment method. You can also set up other features like setting up online shopping system or requesting a debit MasterCard.


For all the step that you have known above, the things that you needed are bank name, valid email address, customer service information, business address and phone number, business or personal bank account number, and bank routing number.

To create your PayPal account is free, but you only charges when you make sales. Each sale that you make is based on the type of payment that your customer uses, PayPal will give you the small percentage as a processing fee. So it will give you so much benefit and also make you easier to do payment transaction with your customers with the help of Paypal business-related features.

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