How to Fix Invalid Click For Adsense

As you know that AdSense Publishers are ultimately have responsibility to checking the traffic on their ads. Then for its reason, it will be critical that you diligently monitor your ad traffic to make sure that your account is compliant with the policy and not to increase the invalid traffic.


How to fix invalid click for adsense


Here the information about how to fix invalid click for adsense that will be useful for you :

  1. Understand your ad traffic and site viewers


The first step how to fix invalid click for adsense is understanding your ad traffic and also the site viewers. You can break down the traffic reports into a meaningful segments that use URL channels or custom. It will help you calculate how changes to traffic sources or implementation that can give impact tou your ad traffic.

Then, you can use Google Analytics to get more detailed information about your site viewers and to look out for any debatable user behaviour.


  1. Avoid partnering with low quality parties


You can avoid partnering with low quality parties on how to fix invalid click for adsense. Because some publishers have had problems with invalid traffic when they have a partner with low quality ad networks, some of search engines or also directory sites. It uses to increase the traffic to their site.


  1. Don’t click on your own ads, even if it’s okay to do


You should never to click your own ads, even if you are feeling so interested in it. Instead you can use tha AdSense publisher toolbar, chore in mind that even when we filter clicks on your own ads, we do not ignore those clicks of you complete it. If it appears to us that a publisher has been clicking on his own ads for his earnings or an advertiser’s costs.


  1. Give double or triple check your implementation


Some publishers know how to fix invalid click for adsense, they choose to use custom implementations that may have removed consequences on their ad requests. You have to make sure that your ad implementation adapted to the ad placement policies. Then, don’t forget to also check your ads in different browsers and platforms to make sure that they work as what you expected before.


  1. Consult to the AdSense Help Forum

Are you still feel confused about how to fix invalid click for Adsense ? if you have more questions, then just have consultation with AdSense Help Forum. It is likely that another publishers has encountered the same problem. You can join a discussion to learn more, and also to start your own. Let the others know that you have encountered the third party or condition that tends to generate the invalid traffic.


Those are tips how to fix invalid click for adsense that will help you to gain more knowledge. Hopefully this article will be useful for us. Just try it and good luck! Nothing is impossible if we do it well.


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