About AdMob and How Does it Work

Do you ever hear about AdMob and how does it work? AdMob is Google’s advertising platform for promoting and also monetizing mobile application that similar with MoPub. Both of them allow application developers to promote their applications by using app ads, monetizing their applications by enabling in-app advertising and also provides intelligent perception through Google Analytics.


This AdMob is available for Android and also Ios platforms that supporting Unity and Coco’s gaming engines. Then, the most important is your AdMob account will connect with your AdWords account to categorize your ads for your android and also other gaming applications.


How does it work?


When we have known about Admob itself, it’s also necessary for us to know how does it work. AdMob by Google will help you to monetize your mobile app through in-app advertising. It can be shown as the banner, video ads or native ads that seamlessly added to platform native UI components. If you use android, you can be easy to add the display in-app purchase ads that allow users to buy advertised products through the apps.


You can display ads within your app after creating an AdMob account and also activate one or more Ad Unit Ids. It will be a unique identifier for the places in your app where ads are showed.


For your information, that AdMob uses the Google Mobile Ads SDK to help app developers to get a perception of their users, drive more in-app purchases and also maximize ad revenue. The failure integration of the Mobile Ads SDK will also compose the information, like device information, a publisher that deliver location information. It also collects general in-app purchase information such as item purchase price and currency.


You can make mobile app install campaigns by connecting AdMob to Adwords. These campaigns are also specific to get more people to download your app. Then, you can apply custom targeting, keywords and ads depend on app ID and other information by using AdWords.


This mobile advertising platform has a unique feature such as AdMob Mediation that allows you to make house ad campaigns. These campaigns serve ads to the app using your own inventory and the most important is free of charge.


You can easily score or evaluate your campaign performance by tracking installs as conversions. So, how about Admob and how does it work? The Admob will fully relate to Google Analytics, it means that the will allow you to access all the metrics and also the dimension that connect to your application. The application is for acquisition, engagement, revenue, screen views, sessions, app version, screen size and more application that relevant to it. You can also give time to your viewers to get perspective on how people use your application.


Those are about Admob and how does it work. You have to know that to get more knowledge and also reference for studying. I hope this article will be helpful and useful for us, especially for you who wants to study about AdMob more than others.


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