How to Create AdMob Account

AdMob is an advertising platform developed by Google for monetizing and promoting mobile applications. This advertising platform is similar to MoPub, so it allows developers to promote or monetize their applications through in-app ads. It also provides Google Analytics for intelligent insights.


AdMob is compatible with iOS and Android platforms supported by Unity and Cocos as gaming engines. You can connect your AdMob accounts with AdWords account to help you distribute the ads for iOS, Android and gaming applications. You can also create mobile app install, these campaigns will help you to get more people to download your applications by applying AdWords custom keywords, targeting based on your application ID and other information.


So, are you excited to know more about AdMob? Here ’s how to create AdMob account you need to know.


How to Create AdMob Account


Before you create AdMob account, it’s better for you to sign up for another account you will need such as AdSense and AdWords account. You will need AdSense account for the registration process, you will be guided to creating an account if you don’t have one. You should cancel your present AdSense account if you want to change accounts.


You will also need AdWords Account. You can connect both AdSense and Adwords accounts to AdMob, but you are not allowed to change the accounts. There are limitations for the details that you can change or edit the payment address, time zone, and billing currency.


You can create mobile app install by connecting AdMob to AdWords. The campaign will make you get the specific number of people to download your applications, by applying custom keywords, targeting, and advertisements through AdWords based on your application ID and information. AdMob Meditation is one of the unique features you can find. It allows you to make house ad campaigns, which can help you to serve ads by using your inventory and also free charge to your app.


The campaign performance can be easily evaluated by tracking installs the AdMob as conversions. You can access all the dimensions and metrics to your application such as user engagement, revenue, acquisition, screen views, sessions, screen size, app version and more. It happens because the AdMob integrates with Google Analytics. Here you can also gain the use of the perspective of your application on how the use it.


But how to create AdMob account? First, all you need is to select the Google account that you are going to use, or you create it if you don’t have the existing one. The next step, you should go to and sign in using your Google Account that you have chosen before. Make sure that your Google account is connected with your AdSense account.


Don’t worry if you don’t have both, you will guide by selecting Create an account link and you should fill the registration form of creating a Google account. After you finish the process of creating an account, you can return back to and sign in using the new Google account that you have created before.


The next step on how to create AdMob account, you should select the Sign up for AdMob. You can find the review of your AdWords and AdSense accounts information, if its connected to your Google account. You can choose which Google account that you want to use by selecting Yes use. You can go back to select the different account or create another one by selecting Use a different or new Google account.


That’s all about how to create AdMob account, it’s so simple, right? AdMob usually used to earn money through ads that show your application page. There are two types of advertisement which appear on your apps such as banner ads and interstitial ads.


Banner ads usually using a rectangular graphic display that showed across the bottom, the top, and sides of the website or application. The purpose of banner ads is to promote a brand or to get the number of visitors from the application to go to the advertiser’s website.


Interstitial ads are the full-screen ad that covering the interface and appearing at transition points of natural apps. It gave the option for users to skip the ads. You can find the difference between interstitial and banner ads are if the interstitial ads covering all the screen. The ads look catchier and more effective to gain a lot of visitors.


The interstitial ads have higher rates of click-through than banner ads. It because of the size of the ads and bigger impressions on users. Users can skip the ads to return back to the application or click the ad if they want.


Well, right now you have known how to create AdMob account in a simple way. AdMob will help you to earn money by promoting and monetizing your applications. You can use both the banner or interstitial ads to show on your application page. Hope it will be useful for you.

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