E-Commerce and Affiliate Marketing

Many people nowadays start online business because this work has great freedom in terms of schedule and place to work. Indeed, you can just sit in your home while looking at your computer or smartphone to do online business. There are two popular activities of online business that many people desire. Those are E-commerce and affiliate marketing. Then, what is so great with both E-commerce and affiliate marketing? Here you will learn about them.


Differences between E-Commerce and Affiliate Marketing

E-commerce is an online business where you sell your own products or services and you set the prices to keep any profit you’ll obtain. If you decide to take this business, you may recruit affiliate marketers. Affiliate marketing is an online business where you promote and sell other people products or services. In exchange, you will earn commission based on your effort. Both of them may work hand by hand to get win-win relationship.



  • E-commerce

The biggest advantage to starting e-commerce business over affiliate marketing business is the freedom you have in terms of pricing, promotions, and getting repeat customers. When people comes to you, you will eventually know the names, addresses, phone numbers, and everything else you need to get for the business. You can also get a good plan of how to price your own products or services for the most profits and decide the best way to promote them. You don’t need to deal with an affiliate manager, set pricing you can’t control, restrictions on what type of advertising you can use, and unfair affiliate contracts.

  • Affiliate Marketing

The biggest advantage to starting affiliate marketing business is the extremely low barrier to entry. The startup costs are very low, too. You don’t need to worry about customer service, payment processing, sales taxes, warehousing, storing or shipping product, or any of the other time consuming aspects of selling the products or services. All you need to do is to link the customer to other people’s products or services, and also the ability to create interesting blog or website. By taking this business, you can do safe business without taking big financial risks or purchasing a large quantity of products.

Those are the simple explanation about what are e-commerce and affiliate marketing. Even though both have their own positives and negatives, they actually can work together to reach the best business online.

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